In the works is a collection of new edits featuring some of the locals at Hyland Hills, Mn. I'de bring my camcorder to the top of the hill each morning and take it out to film the sessions that seem to take place each time these individuals ride together. The footage reflects the distinct style of each rider, half the time not knowing they were being filmed. Riders include Boody, Matt Aura, Jake Devries, Evan Lundberg, Malik Brown, Stephen Paulsen, Al Binder, Victor Smith, Zak Peterson, Jesse Paul, Billy Bottoms, Matt Crowley and more. Expect the footage to be on the internet at the end of Summer and beginning of Fall.


The Feast Teaser

Im stoked to have been able to film a few of these dudes over the winter! Can't wait to see this

THE FEAST | Teaser from Billy Bjork on Vimeo.


Aidan Stairmasters

Stairsmasters PROS : Aidan Flanagan from Snowboard Jamboree on Vimeo.
I'm lucky enough to have been a part of making this happen! Congrats Aidan on 2nd, This part is fire!